Degree Completion - Psychology

Degree in Psychology (on campus and online)

Program Overview

The Degree Completion program's Psychology degree is designed to accelerate your career path by delivering a basic understanding of the theories, methods and applications of modern psychology. You'll increase your understanding of human nature, as well as gain a foundation for further study at the graduate level.


Psychology Department Chair Dr. Benjamin Wood

Dr. Benjamin Wood

Chair of Psychology Department
Psychology Disciplinary Lead for Degree Completion

Program Delivery


The Degree Completion program's unique class structure is designed to accommodate busy adults. You'll take one class at a time — one night a week for 5 weeks, with each class designed to build on the knowledge gained in the previous class. In this way, you'll move through your degree program in a step-by-step, structured class schedule that allows you to focus your full attention on the material you need to know in your chosen field. It’s a process that optimizes learning, leading to greater assimilation and stronger retention of the knowledge and tools you need to compete in the marketplace.


The online Psychology program allows you to pursue your education without changing your schedule. As a completely online program, you can complete your degree on time – your time.

After taking a short online Orientation course, you will be prepared to participate in the online courses. The Psychology major consists of 12 online courses and a capstone portfolio. Each course is five weeks long, running from Monday through Sunday and students take one course at a time. Find out more about this option under our Online Delivery page.

Required Courses

All of the following courses must be completed at Simpson University. You can view our Academic Catalog for full course descriptions.

Course Code Title Units
PSYC 3085 Applied Psychology 3
HUMA 3500 Career and Professional Development 3
PYSC 3018 Lifespan Development 3
PYSC 3605 Marriage and Family 3
PYSC 3500 Christianity and World Religions 3
PSYC 3610 Statistics 3
PHIL 4640 Abnormal Psychology 3
PSYC 3690 Research Methods 3
PSYC 3400 Multicultural Psychology 3
PSYC 3645 Theories of Personality 3
PYSC 3105 Psychological Testing 3
PSYC 4710 Counseling Skills 3

Career Opportunities

A Bachelor of Arts in Psychology will prepare you for careers in a variety of fields, including:

Marriage and Family Therapy
Forensic Psychology
Alcohol and Drug Counseling
Human Resources Administration
Community Relations Director
Hospice Coordinator
Employee Training/Recruitment
Research Analyst

Crisis Intervention
Career Counseling
Clinical Psychology
Guidance Counseling
Operations Management
Social Work
Victim Advocacy
Hotel Management
Media Planning
Technical Writing


For more information on the admissions process and requirements for our Degree Completion programs, please visit our Degree Completion Admissions page.