Degree Completion - Liberal Studies

Degree Completion Program - Liberal Studies

Program Overview

Critical thinking, writing and communication skills are essential to success in any field or endeavor. The Degree Completion Liberal Studies major is designed to teach you those skills, along with offering you a broad education in the various areas of human endeavor and knowledge. While a Liberal Studies degree is practical if you plan to undertake a general exploration and understanding of various fields of study, it's also ideal if you wish to earn your teaching credential.


Liberal Studies Disciplinary Lead Michele Anberg-Espinosa

Dr. Michele Anberg-Espinosa

Liberal Studies Disciplinary Lead

Program Delivery

After completing a short online Orientation course, you will be prepared to participate in the Liberal Studies program. The Liberal Studies major consists of 12 courses. Each course is seven weeks long, running from Monday through Sunday.

Program Highlights

  • 7-week courses
  • Study under experienced faculty, who offer engaging, real-world application
  • Progress through the program in a cohort model
  • Interact with diverse classmates from a variety of life stages and backgrounds

Required Courses (36 Units)

All of the following courses must be completed at Simpson University. You can view our Academic Catalog for full course descriptions.

Course Code Title Units
HUMA 3500 Career and Professional Development 3
HUMA 3440 Fine Arts and Western Culture 3
PHIL 3500 Christianity and World Religions 3
COMM 4000 Foundations of Communication 3
LING 4322 Language Development 3
MATH 3000 Foundational Math 3
NSCI 3350 Life Science 3
HIST 4350 World History 3
PSYC 3026 Child Development 3
NSCI 3340 Earth and Physical Science 3
ENGL 3322 American and World Literature 3
HIST 3345 California and U.S. History 3

Career Oppportunities

A Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies will prepare you for careers in a variety of fields, including:

K-12 Teaching
Alternative Schools
Rehabilitation Centers
Vocational Schools
Technical Schools
Recreational Centers
Public Information Offices
Educational Affairs
Group/Regional Management
Community Affairs
Community Relations
Intercultural Communication
Overseas Language Centers

Adult Education Centers
Overseas Schools
Military Bases
Public Schools
Private Schools
Event Coordination
Public Relations
Management Supervising
Media Relations
Patient Advocacy
Specialist Research
Sales Management


For more information on the admissions process and requirements for our Degree Completion programs, please visit our Degree Completion Admissions page.