Non-Simpson Test Proctoring

Free Use of Space for Remote Proctored Exams!

The Student Success Center is happy to allow you a personal space to take your remote proctored exam.

Many of the most popular exams are now able to be done without the need of a physical proctor, yet it can be challenging to find the best environment for a successful testing session.

Popular Test Websites

Go to these websites and more to find out the requirements of the remote proctored exam and how to register!

What do you need to do to reserve a space?

First, decide on the exam you want to take and when (general office hours are 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday through Friday). *Don’t commit to a day or time until you know we have space for you.

Second, email to ensure we have a space on the day and time that you are requesting. We may be able to provide technology to take the exam as well.

Third, show up to the second floor of the Simpson library with everything you need. Make sure to read the exam’s guidelines/requirements closely.