Registrar and Advising Center

The Office of the Registrar provides direct support to students, faculty, and staff through services such as student course registration, management of student academic records, and implementation of academic policies and procedures.

Contact Information

The Registrar’s Office is located in Simpson Central, which is in the Allen Suite on the second floor of the Owen Student Services Center. Click here for a campus map.

Simpson University
Attn: Registrar's Office
2211 College View Drive
Redding, CA 96003

Phone: (530) 226-4111
Fax: (530) 226-4870


Monday - Friday: 9 A.M. - 5 P.M.

Our Mission Statement

The Simpson University Registrar's Office and Advising Center serves the overall mission of the university by embodying honor, empowering the university community with tools to succeed, and communicating in a clear and timely manner while supporting the university's academic integrity.

Within the framework of this mission, the Registrar/Advising Center will strive to fulfill the following objectives:

We will...

  1. Treat all patrons with the utmost patience and respect.
  2. Provide exacting and timely information to aid and empower decision-making for Faculty, Students and Staff.
  3. Manage the Course Registration Process.
  4. House and maintain accurate academic records.
  5. Provide service as timely as is reasonable.
  6. Strive to meet needs and foresee challenges before they arise.
  7. Take a proactive operational approach to campus-wide efforts and initiatives.
  8. Empower Students to successfully complete all requirements toward graduation.
  9. Role-model in word and deed through personal lifestyle, daily conduct, Christ-like love, Spirit-filled truth, forgiveness, faith, and purity.

Important Dates


Additional Resources

  • Withdrawal Information

    The Registrar's Office is the designated office at Simpson University to notify if a student intends to withdraw from his/her program of study at Simpson University.

    Traditional Undergraduate and Graduate students must submit a completed Withdrawal Notification form to the Registrar's Office to withdraw completely from his/her program of study. Adult Studies students must work with the Adult Studies office to complete Withdrawal paperwork, which will then be submitted to the Registrar's Office.

    The date that any student communicates his/her intent to withdraw to a representative of the Registrar's Office is the date used as the student's withdrawal date unless the student participates in additional academic activities after that date. If a student continues to participate in academic activities after expressing his/her intent to withdraw, but before completing the official withdrawal process, the student's last date of academic participation is used as his/her withdrawal date.

  • Test and Transfer Information

    General Transfer Information

    If you are considering taking a course at another institution and want to make sure that it will transfer to Simpson University, you should email

    Include the following information:

    • Your name & ID number
    • Course letters, numbers & the title of the course
    • Name of the institution where the course is being taken
    • The Simpson requirement you would like to fulfill

    The Registrar’s Office at Simpson University determines which credits will be accepted and applied toward a degree program. The following criteria are used when determining transferable credits:

    • The credits must be compatible in nature, content and level with earned credits offered by Simpson University.
    • The credits must be appropriate and applicable to those earned through Simpson University. Only courses that have been completed with a grade of “C-” or above will be transferred.
    • Credits earned at institutions which are not accredited by an accredited body recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation may be evaluated for transfer to Simpson University. Additional information may be required to complete the evaluation.
    • Credits for transfer from foreign institutions are evaluated by criteria recommended by organizations such as the National Association for Foreign Student Affairs.
    • Credit by Advanced Placement Exams and CLEP

    A grade of 3 or above on the Advanced Placement Examination of the College Entrance Examination Board qualifies the student to be eligible for credit. Credit may also be granted through the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP). The Academic Council will determine the amount of credit awarded. The minimum score for awarding credit is the mean test scope of college students who have earned a grade of “C” in the respective course, as reported in the most recent edition of the American College Association evaluation guide.

    Credit by Advanced Placement Exams and CLEP

    Credit for or for will be awarded only for those courses that meet graduation requirements at Simpson University. No more than 30 credits total may be earned through alternative course options.

  • Enrollment Verification

    Students may request an enrollment verification from the Registrar's Office. If you have received a specific form from the organization that is requesting the information, please send it to the registrar’s office along with the address to where you want the form sent. There is no fee for enrollment verification; however, there is a one to two days processing time. If you do not have a specific form, please obtain an Enrollment Verification Form from the Registrar's Office. The student must sign the form in order for the information to be released.

    Third-party agencies (i.e. employer or background screening firms) may request enrollment and degree verifications from the National Student Clearinghouse at

  • Commonly Asked Questions
    • Q: How do I request a transcript?

      A: Print and complete a Transcript Request Form. Return the completed form along with payment to the address below. Transcript Request Forms are available in the Registrar’s office, or you may fax the completed request to (530) 226-4870. Payment is required to process a transcript request. Official (what most schools require for admission) and unofficial (for personal use) transcripts costs $15.

    • Q: How can I know who my advisor is?

      A: Your advisor can be found on WebAdvisor. Click on “My Profile” under the heading called “Academic Profile.” Scroll down on the page to see your advisor listed under “Academic Information.” If you do not have an advisor listed, please email the Registrar’s Office at to be assigned an advisor.

    • Q: How do I declare or change my major or minor? How do I change advisors?

      A: Please come to the Registrar's Office for the correct form. Your current Academic Advisor’s signature is required to declare or change your major/minor. To request to change your Academic Advisor, you will need the signature of each Advisor (current and new) on the form. If you are simply changing majors or declaring for the first time, the new Advisor’s signature is not required as the Registrar’s Office will assign you to a new Advisor. please bring your completed form to the Registrar’s office located in Simpson Central.

    • Q: How do I order graduation announcements?

      A: You may order graduation announcements directly from Jostens.

    • Q: How many credits do I need to take to be considered full-time?

      A: To considered fill-time you must take between 12-18 credits per semester.

    • Q: What do I need to do if I am planning to leave Simpson University?

      A: Students who wish to withdraw from Simpson University must complete a withdrawal form, which is available in the Registrar’s Office. This form requires you to complete an exit interview with an academic advisor and a student financial services counselor. Failure to withdraw properly will cause forfeiture of the right to honorable dismissal and to all refunds.

      Students who withdraw before the end of the 10th full week of school (or the proportionate period in any term) will receive a transcript notation of W in all courses.

    • Q: How do I withdraw from a course?

      A: For each course dropped after the drop/add period, and before the end of the 10th week of school, a W notation will appear on the transcript. For courses dropped after the 10th week, or without proper processing through the Registrar’s Office, an F notation will appear.

    • Q: What is the difference between a Placement exam and a Proficiency Exam and do I have to take them?

      A: A Math or English Placement Exam allows you to be waived from a lower level course based on your score, but it is not required. The Math Proficiency Exam may be taken in place of a college level math course, but it is not required. The English Proficiency Exam is no longer a graduation requirement.

    • Q: How many credits should I take each semester?

      A: As a college student, that decision is technically up to you, but since Simpson University requires at least 124 credits to graduate, we recommend taking between 15 and 16 credits each semester.

    • Q: What is a Graduation Plan and how can I make one?

      A: Graduation Plans are located in Advising Center and serve as a guide to graduation. You can learn more about them in First Year Experience class, stopping by the Advising Center, or talk to your Faculty Advisor.

    • Q: How do I update my name and address?

      A: It is the student's responsibility to notify the university of any changes to his/her permanent and/or mailing addresses. This will enable the university to forward time sensitive materials to students. The form may be picked up in Simpson Central or downloaded and mailed to the address below.

      Students who wish to change their name (e.g., due to change in marital status) need to provide the Registrar’s office with the official documentation for the change (e.g., copy of marriage license, social security card, license, etc).

      If you have remaining questions, please feel free to contact us at the address, email or number below.

      Office of the Registrar
      Simpson University
      2211 College View Dr.
      Redding, CA 96003

      (530) 226-4111